AbouT Thriving Rockstar

This show was launched with the intention of seeking to distill what it takes to live a healthy, balanced and meaningful life as an artist, while taking advantage of the abundant opportunities for entrepreneurship in the modern age. This show is the culmination and converging of many interests and paths that have shaped me throughout my journey thus far as an emerging artist. I’m scratching my own itch here…


My personal journey began when I decided to be a musician, I was sixteen. My parents and society alike were quick to denounce that decision on the grounds that artists often starve. It didn’t help that I was also a chubby, lazy gamer with no real work ethic.

After stumbling upon a self development book in my in my late teens, things started to gradually shift for me. Aside my school work as a music student, I read prolifically, got really into health and fitness, and studied many other topics that interested me. After being in two bands that didn’t quite fit me, I founded Infinite Spectrum with bassist Alex Repetti, whom I met in college.

Meanwhile a transformation was taking place in the music industry, to the despair of many artists—but not all. With the advent of iTunes, and eventually Spotify, actually earning money from selling your music was no longer a viable revenue stream for most artists. It simply became a tool for promotion; Artists were forced to tour a lot more and sell more merchandise. Basically, artists traded a good source of passive income for active income, at the expense of their physical and mental health, time, and relationships. Although the internet brought this on, it also brought untold opportunities…

The rise of MySpace and it’s successors held the key to a new age of audience engagement and business opportunities. For the first time ever, platforms were established where the artist was able to directly address their audience without an intermediary! This gave rise to many artists who rose through the ranks without the help of a major label.

From a business perspective, access to a loyal audience means that you have people who are bought into you, and many will likely buy whatever product or service you create for them!

From a psychological perspective, artists and entrepreneurs are the same type of person, they both think creatively and non-linearly. They are often unsuited for ascending the corporate hierarchy. In plain english, most of them suck at jobs!

If artists use the creativity and marry it with a bit of business and marketing knowledge, they can serve their audience in a unique way and make some real profits, if not a fortune!

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Thankfully we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Many platforms have emerged in the past few years, enabling people with little to no business knowledge to create scalable products and services online at a minimum upfront cost.

Many artists today have uniquely cultivated their inner-entrepreneur, and one of the goals of this podcast is to distill the essence of what they have created, and how, so that you can do the same! Our industry is more collaborative than competitive. One artist’s success does not diminish another’s; You can be a fan of more than one artist!

After years of studying health and fitness, I began helping my guitar students, and others on their paths. I eventually enrolled in a health coach certification program. The amount to which a healthy lifestyle had affected positive change in the musicianship and careers of the students came as a real surprise to me! I began getting curious about the habits and routines of my favorite artists.

My curiosity on these topics has led me to launch Thriving Rockstar. The conversations I have on air are the same ones I normally have with people. I realized many can benefit from what these artists have to say on these topics, and it is my hope that you take full advantage of this resource and become a Thriving Rockstar yourself!

— Alex Raykin —

CEO & Host of Thriving Rockstar