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At Thriving Rockstar, we are on a mission to get the most cutting edge tools and strategies on health and Entrepreneurship from top artists to you!

We’ve set some ambitious goals and can really use your help to reach them!

We want to create a video studio to be able to do our show as a full multi-camera production.

What does this mean for you, our listener?

- Superior Audio Quality -

- 4k Video Quality -

- Industry Leading Guests -

- More Frequent Episodes -

Even at our current level, there are numerous expenses. The biggest expense though is time… Our team of mostly just Alex, who is writing this in the third person, is doing everything from seeking out and following up with artists to schedule interviews through out-of-town events and other means, to website building and maintenance, recording & editing audio & video, creating visual assets and show art, writing detailed show notes, marketing via several social media platforms and influencers, forums and groups, and more… and we want to keep our show free. Always free.

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